Peach State Epoxy & Coatings is the premium choice for residential and epoxy flooring, concrete coatings, and polishing throughout Metro Atlanta.

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Water, high impacts, chemicals, fire, and even time are no match to epoxy flooring. Whereas your concrete floors would normally give in to these menaces, an epoxy floor coating will solidify them into a smooth, shiny surface that will last ages.

For those home and business owners in Metro Atlanta looking to get rid of worries and hard work, Peach State Epoxy & Coatings can take over with our top-tier epoxy flooring and coating solutions, which include:


With epoxy flooring, you can make an investment that truly lasts. Our flooring solutions come in various colors, patterns, and finishes to suit every taste.


Epoxy flooring is the miracle fix for all commercial floors, making them foolproof. We install commercial epoxy floors for kitchens, showrooms, offices, and more in a single day!


Concrete polishing grants the beauty and durability of your floors. They will make a statement and not wear down, with minimum maintenance.


Want the best garage floor in town? Our experienced contractors are up for the job. With their perfected technique, they can complete your epoxy garage floor installation in one day!

#1 Epoxy Flooring Solutions in Metro Atlanta

Why only read about what we can do if you can see it yourself? Check out our previous epoxy flooring and concrete polishing projects in our gallery, or browse the many success stories from our client’s reviews!

We Produce Lasting Satisfaction

Epoxy flooring grants top-tier protection that we want our clients to experience for years to come. We make it happen every day along with the best attention through:

Vast Expertise

To provide our enduring products, Peach State Epoxy & Coatings relies on our 20 years of combined experience and our dependable crew.

Product Warranties

High quality is guaranteed. But what is the guarantee? Only a 15-year warranty with any of our products, which we only grant after we’ve secured perfection.

Family Owned & Owner Supervised

We are a family-owned and owner-supervised business. You can be certain your interests are being watched over throughout the entire process until you approve.

Financing Options

Don’t let your budget stop you! We help you get epoxy flooring solutions right away with interest-free financing options, along with first responders, teachers, veterans, and frontline workers 15% discounts!

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